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  1. Good Evening Ms. Springer,

    I’m Sophia and I am interested in relocating to London. Your article “Being A Black Expat” brought me here. I’m seeking guidance and doing major research that will assist with my transition of living overseas. I work here in NYC and my background is in journalism, but what I would like to know is do you have any tips/point me in the right direction when it comes to applying for positions overseas?
    I am aware that I need a Tier 2 Visa, but in reviews that I have been looking at online, expats are mentioning companies really aren’t sponsoring those who need visas. I’m excited to take a new leap and discover a new side of myself.
    Thank you for your time!

  2. Hi Sophia,

    I’m in receipt of your email.

    I wish I had magic advice about finding employment opportunities abroad — I’d use it mysel! From what I’ve heard the climate is stricter than when I lived there in that my employer (high ed) was able to sponsor my work visa. This was confining in that my ability to stay in the country was tied to my job, which was who I worked for the entire time I was there.

    With the mood toward immigration and migration having turned dramatically, and Americans being even less popular given our occupied White House, I’m skeptical that the atmosphere is welcoming of “foreigners” of any stripe or occupation coming into the country and “taking jobs away from [native-born] British people.”

    You might try the website, which has industry news and a job board. That might be your best bet for finding positions that are specifically looking for NYC-based journalists to work on contract and perhaps affords an eventual transition to London-based staff.

    Good luck with your quest!

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