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Join host me on a summer adventure as we delve into the fascinating world of everyday records – the ones we create, use, and maybe even obsess over! From a quirky perspective that imagines these records becoming historical archives, Pop Records promises insightful conversations with a cast of brilliant and hilarious people I convinced to get on the mic with me.

Pop Records isn’t just about vinyl or dusty files. It’s about everything we create and document – from music and social media posts to historical archives and the very things we build. this season, join us as we explore the fascinating world of these records, both human-made and maybe even a little unexpected.

get ready to:

  • uncover hidden meanings in everyday records
  • explore the future through the lens of the past
  • question what gets archived and why
  • consider the perspective of non-humans interpreting our records

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Looking for annotations (show notes) from an episode? Here’s a whole delicious page of them for you.

yur mum’s house: a house music journey that aired on wbar, Barnard College’s radio station, from October 2023 – May 2024

A sonic map from James’ Brown’s “woo! yeah!” sample on Lyn Colins’ “Think About It” through Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life.”

“You didn’t think the story of Black feminism ended at the Voting Rights Act, did you?

Turns out there were several influential Black feminist organizations in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. No one ever told me about the Third World Women’s Alliance, the National Black Feminist Organization, the National Alliance of Black Feminists, The Combahee River Collective, or Black Women Organized for Action. So, this episode, I discuss them with so Professor Kimberly Springer author of Living for the Revolution Black Feminist Organizations, 1968–1980.

Though they no longer exist, these organizations lend us valuable present insight.”

“Do you have weird feelings about Oprah? So do we, and so does our guest! Kimberly Springer, co-editor of Stories of Oprah: The Oprahfication of American Culture, joins us to talk about the rise of Oprah Winfrey and her infamous ‘wagon of fat’ weight loss episode.”

Oprah & the Wagon of Fat | Oprah Winfrey & John of God

multimedia productions

commentary about public radio’s racism, “CPB-backed diversity project draws lose scrutiny,” Current, September 2017.

St. Louis on the Air guest, Acclaimed artist, curator Glenn Ligon discusses ‘Blue Black’ and starting a dialogue in St. Louis

St. Louis on the Air guest, Behind the Headlines: What’s the future (or, rather, present) of virtual reality in journalism?

editor, coordinator// Curious Louis – a collaborative reporting project, based on the Hearken platform, for St. Louis Public Radio

co-host, co-producer// let’s review – a podcast on current events, pop culture, identity, and the tricky art of navigating life.

social media expert // interviews from Stateside with Cynthia Canty on Michigan Radio:Is Facebook harming the way you see your life? ; What happens to your social media and email accounts after you die?; The roots of crowdfunding and how to decide where to give

social media content producer // “How a Story Gets Made at Michigan Radio,” co-produced with Paula Friedrich

production team // Beyond the Battlefield, Michigan Radio

writer // “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s African Adventure,” In Media Res, The Media Commons Project

writer // “Beyond the Dream: the Radical King!” People of Color Organize!

curator, editor, writer // Oprah Theme Week, In Media Res, The Media Commons Project, “Stories of O: Oprah’s Culture Industries” and “Oprah’s Got Beef?: Alleged Matriarchies & Masculinist Rhymes

project coordinator, writer // BBC Step Up Mentorship Program, New Media Team, “Newham Girl Athletes Benefit from 2012 Olympics

essayist // “Talking White,” excerpted from When Race Becomes Real: Black and White Writers Confront Their Personal Histories. The Tavis Smiley Show, NPR

producer // “The Good Fight: a Look at Progressive Activism,” WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Winner of the RTNDA’s Murrow Award for Best Regional Series; 2001 New York Associated Press Honorable Mention

associate producer/scriptwriter // “Will the Circle Be Unbroken: A Personal History of the Civil Rights Movement in Five Southern Communities,” Southern Regional Council, Winner of the 1997 Peabody Award